Monday, September 17, 2007

Risk Everything

The story by Ursula Schwuttke that precedes these points is even more gripping, and the analogy awesome.
Boldness is risking everything, meaning that which you cannot affford to lose, to pursue a dream.
Inventiveness is finding the will to be creative when necessity demands it– not when it comes to you.
Motivation is finding the spirit to hang together when resources are depleted and plans run awry.
Honor is maintaining a sense of fair play and not asking for more than you need–even when it would be excusable.
Leadership Real leadership is demonstrated when one at the 'helm' finds the confidence not to waver, even when the confidence of the team has wavered.
Luck On a day when it really counted, they had some of it. But it dawns on me that luck is just the product of all these other qualities.

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