Monday, September 24, 2007

Dream BIG!

Matthew Kelly in her manifesto says -
For the most part, it is not our work that engages us, nor the money and things that our work brings into our lives... it is our dreams. Highly engaged employees have a dream and they are working toward their dream.
Nothing animates the human person like the pursuit of a dream. If you want to breathe passion and enthusiasm into any situation, relationship, or team, place a dream at the center of it. Dreams inspire people, and we don’t do anything until we are inspired.
Consider these twelve areas. Physical. emotional. Intellectual. Spiritual. Psychological. Material. Professional. Financial. Creative. Adventure. Legacy. Character.

Jot down your dreams in each of these areas, and carry that list with you in the coming days and weeks.

So dream on... and save the future!

About Us

Quite a few people have posed this question as to what exactly does Indygo do? So this is my view of who we are -

Indygo is a company which builds products, more often than not, from scratch, and more often than not, for other startups who are pressed for time, quality and money. Some of these products that we build would also be our own. We are at the drawing boards of one product currently. However, we do not want to be associated with a single product, since we want to build and deliver a lot more. I know some of you might say that this will lead to blurred vision. I say, what we need to see is the immediate road ahead and guidelines to drive, not a set plan. I feel that a plan on that scale (i.e. the future of the company) puts too much focus on the future and less on the present. As Mahant Shetti says - "Having vision in such a case is impossible; 'the visionary' can set directions, but we can not depend on him/her to plan for the unknown future, especially with the rate of change in our industry."

Indygo is a journey, not a goal. And we are in it for the long haul. Not for one product lifecyle. Indygo is as much about people as the products we build. We are here for developers who love to do what they do best. Develop. Grow products that are world class. And by investing in them, we invest in the products that get built, and by that we invest in Indygo.

Now if you ask me what our current expertise is? I would say, building applications for the web.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Indygo is looking for a "Lead Developer"

And for the first time we have posted a job listing. You can find it on the Joel's job website.

The listing follows -

Lead Developer

at Indygo

Bangalore, India

The ideal match for this job would be a person
- with atleast a couple of years of experience leading teams of developers and atleast six years in the industry
- who believes in agile methodologies
- who loves to work in a startup environment
- who can feel the customer's pain in a problem
- who has crafted technology based solutions from the scratch
- been through the whole product life cycle from start to end more than once
- with experience in building applications using web technologies
- with proficiency in Java and its related technologies


Please send us an email (which can act as a covering letter) with your resume attached to jobs at

Unfortunately, telecommuting is not an option for this particular job. We are looking for somebody who can, not only work on Indygo's projects, but also build a team, mentor them and keep them together. So being with the team is an important necessity and the team would be based in Bangalore.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Risk Everything

The story by Ursula Schwuttke that precedes these points is even more gripping, and the analogy awesome.
Boldness is risking everything, meaning that which you cannot affford to lose, to pursue a dream.
Inventiveness is finding the will to be creative when necessity demands it– not when it comes to you.
Motivation is finding the spirit to hang together when resources are depleted and plans run awry.
Honor is maintaining a sense of fair play and not asking for more than you need–even when it would be excusable.
Leadership Real leadership is demonstrated when one at the 'helm' finds the confidence not to waver, even when the confidence of the team has wavered.
Luck On a day when it really counted, they had some of it. But it dawns on me that luck is just the product of all these other qualities.