Friday, September 21, 2007

Indygo is looking for a "Lead Developer"

And for the first time we have posted a job listing. You can find it on the Joel's job website.

The listing follows -

Lead Developer

at Indygo

Bangalore, India

The ideal match for this job would be a person
- with atleast a couple of years of experience leading teams of developers and atleast six years in the industry
- who believes in agile methodologies
- who loves to work in a startup environment
- who can feel the customer's pain in a problem
- who has crafted technology based solutions from the scratch
- been through the whole product life cycle from start to end more than once
- with experience in building applications using web technologies
- with proficiency in Java and its related technologies


Please send us an email (which can act as a covering letter) with your resume attached to jobs at

Unfortunately, telecommuting is not an option for this particular job. We are looking for somebody who can, not only work on Indygo's projects, but also build a team, mentor them and keep them together. So being with the team is an important necessity and the team would be based in Bangalore.

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Sonal said...


Would you consider telecommuting as an option? Also, what does your company do..there is very little information available?