Friday, August 29, 2008

"Small is beautiful" in Srilanka

STPI, Bangalore had arranged a meeting between the delegation of companies, the BOI, and the ICTA from Srilanka and the Bangalorean SME companies. I was quite impressed with the state of progress the companies are making in Srilanka. It was very refreshing to hear that working for an SME is a badge of honour and hence finding talent is much easier for the lankans. One of the CEOs among the Srilankan delegates even mentioned that they would like to stay small. This is something that exactly reverberates with my thoughts.

"Small is beautiful" or in Seth's words "Small is the new big". Don't get me wrong, I am all for growth. I just don't believe that growth is best described in number of people working in a company. That might be true in case of a services company where each employee is not just an employee but a resource (raw material or an engine in a sense) as well. I just believe that the growth especially in a product scenario should be determined in terms of the money you make, the value that you provide and the relationships that you build. When a team of potent people come together magic happens and great products come out. Usually that team is not in hundreds but more in the order of tens or even single digits.

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