Thursday, July 13, 2006

Indygo is looking for Indyans

Indygo is a company which believes in agile methodology. We believe in small and simple (may be in someways less). We believe in the famous "kiss" principle from the Unix tradition. We believe that one needs passion to create anything worthy. We believe that money is only the byproduct of providing something of quality to the end-user. We believe that customers are the kings and queens. We believe that we can exist as a small fish more effectively among the whales and sharks. We believe in teams which can complete each other's sentences. And we are looking for people who believe in what we believe.

We are in the process of creating a team which will excel in providing such services that will make the customer happy. We want to foster a culture and grow an environment where the team feels at home. We will strive to provide a place of work which will enrich the life of those working.

We are looking for a senior java developer and a webapp UI guru. The senior developer we are looking for, is somebody with about 4+ years of experience, with good product development know-how, and well versed in the web application development in java technology. The attitude matters more than the techiness and good communication is definitely important. Needless to say, one has to be excited to work in a startup environment.

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